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Applications list

  • Presence - Missing content verification

  • Product color verification - Multiple colors inspection by definition 

  • Overfilling - Blister overfilling or double content inspection

  • Multicolor capsules product inspection - Product quality verification no influence of position, text on product or shine background

  • Contamination detection - Even the slightest contamination gets detected

  • Foreign objects / Color Mix-up - Qualitative and product safety

  • Damaged / Faulty Positioning - Damaged products inspection

  • Product size measurements - The measurement detects length, thickness, and height of capsules

  • Shape control - Deformed products

  • Height analysis - Double-object blister fill verification

  • Powder spill detection - Identifying a small amount of powder above the blister

  • Open capsules detection - Identifying even in difficult, low-contrast surroundings

  • Foil integrity inspection - Blister foil damages inspection, foil picture sealing position inspection, foil sealing uniformity inspection

  • Powder spill analysis - Powder spill inspection inside the produced capsules blister

  • Under-heating foil inspection - Identifying even in difficult, low-contrast surroundings slightly opened or deformed blisters products

  • Overheating foil - Capsules sticks to foil problem inspection

  • Sealing problem - Toast blister surface inspection

  • Product expired date validation - Verification of product expired date

  • Portion validation - Verify different multiple colors capsules and tablets by definition

What we proposing

Brand protection and consumer safety continue to rise in importance. With the PharmaCheck inspection system, you can provide simple, reliable and efficient quality control and ensure that the pack multiple problems and its labelling are faultless. We offer a wide spectrum of solutions for meeting statutory regulations and maintaining the highest quality standards. Our quality tests include foreign object detection, correct product, damaged products, color problems, overfill or absence, form problems, text recognition, package pictures verification and detection of the weight check, right up to the final pack inspection.

Pharmaceutical industry requiring 100% high-quality inspection of multiple applications. V5 Group developed flexible software algorithms for multiple installations requirements fully compatible with FDA CFR Part 11 standard  

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